Friday, October 3, 2008

my hero is fourteen years old

In an interview with Red Velvet Art, Olivia Bee says, "everyday I try to take some photos. I try to because if I take a photo everyday, then by a year's end, I will have learned 365 things about photography and that's pretty rad."

I'd like to cultivate this work ethic.

Olivia is also an avid thrifter and a fan of Minnetonka moccasins (!)

Read the full interview here. And check out Olivia Bee's flickr feed.


  1. Holy Cr*p. She is awesome. I need her to teach me some photoshop skilz.

    Portland, of course. Psh. It's alright. I guess. I mean, if your into cool things or whatever.

  2. Damn, girl. I'm impressed.

    Weird coincidence - I am now strangely obsessed with Minnetonka today.

  3. I checked out her flickr and it is impressive, especiall for a fourteen year old girl! I'm tempted to hunt the kid down and beg her to come "apprentice" with our photographer Joey next May 30th... and maybe let me buy the images off her when she's done. ;)

    I wonder... don't all teenagers have, like, facebooks and myspace thingies? (I'm starting to feel a little like a creepy stalker)

  4. flickr = facebook for cool kids

    fox killed myspace

  5. Have you ever noticed that all the girls on are like 18 and younger. They are all so talented and young! It makes me feel like an old, boring 24 year old.

  6. I know right?

    On the other hand it seems like an awful lot of effort.