Friday, October 31, 2008

then I thought, I'll just rock my faux mustache

It was a pre-wedding gift from this lady, and it goes very nicely with H-town's *real* mustache.

But I didn't realize there was a whole hipster girls in mustaches trend. (What would I do without Ariel to keep me informed?) I'll be pissed if all the other girls at the party tonight are wearing mustaches too.

I had sensed the growing popularity of mustaches among the offbeat brides. But check out the photos from Erin & Jared's fabulous wedding mustache shoot. Everybody is wearing them.

(Photo of EE Storey, who happens to sell a pretty rad mustache t-shirt here, courtesy of hipster girls in mustaches)


  1. seriously. we had three options; Dia De Los Muertos bride and groom. [but i was too busy to go gown thrifting] bearded lady and side-show ring leader [borne of desire to wear a fake mustache], or vampires [easy, cheap, and we seem to have a thing for them.] seriously. [we are going with the vampires.]

  2. Damn- I didn't realize this was a trend. I so wanted my girls and I to rock fake mustaches for my bachelorette party. I was convinced it was going to be unique.

    Nick and I just completely slept through our Halloween party plans. 'The Sound of Silence' does not make for a good alarm clock.

  3. desert, you're weirding me out. srsly.

    amanda, totally do it. turns out guys find a girl in a mustache strangely hot.

  4. awesome!!! man, i am in love with your blog. going to add to my link list right away!

  5. are you mocking me, a little bit?

  6. Cracking up. I totally rocked a mustache. And cut out felt mustaches for Trick or Treaters. (They didn't seem very excited about it. But I was.)