Sunday, October 12, 2008

the scarf is the new shrug

I think you should rock this at your wedding.

I wanted a shrug. I really did. I bought vintage knitting patterns on ebay and I nagged my bridesman to make me one until he finally told me he was too busy. (I can't hold it against him. He was testing recipes for our cake.) I put in an Etsy Alchemy request. BAD IDEA.

On our way up to the wedding, I made H-town drive all over Portland looking for the indie crafters. Where were the indie crafters?? I finally found a shrug at yes, Anthropologie, bought it, and did not wear it. Turns out I am not a shrug person.

Via NOTCouture.


  1. Very pretty...and unique! :)

    Martha B.

  2. Ooh, gorgeous. I bought a shrug, because logic dictated to me that if I bought one in case it was cold, it wouldn't possibly BE cold, just so I had wasted money on something I didn't use. It was cold. My logic sucks.

  3. Gorgeous. The texture is just amazing and would play off a dress so nicely. Maybe winter weddings are do-able. The accessories are certainly cute.

  4. My grandma is knitting me a scarf for my hometown reception on Saturday. It doesn't match my dress in a designer, perfection, kind of way, but I think it looks perfect. Plus I get to keep it and use it after the wedding. Those are the best kind of accessories.

  5. Jenna your grandma rocks. You can tell her I said so.

  6. Okay, you suck.
    But I mean that in a flattering way... I do.

    I love this scarf. It's beautiful. And perfect. And I've been looking at scarves (like you, I'm not a shrug person) because it'll be chilly at night at my wedding, and I wanted something I could possibly wear again....but not too too casual.
    But I just can't afford this lovely one.

    Find one that's cool but maybe under $50, and I'll wear it.
    Promise. :-)

    By the way, Meg is so right - you are so hip.

  7. rachel (Girl learning...), I think you've given me a mission!

  8. This is my fantasy shawl, little over the budget, but.. a girl can dream.