Monday, October 27, 2008

I want to dress like a rock star

I just cleaned out my closet, ruthlessly excising anything unflattering and/or blah. (My hard drive got totaled. I figured why not go all the way?)

1. I've been looking a little frumpy around the house. Which makes me *feel* frumpy. Though H-town very sweetly told me I looked like a skater girl when he caught me blogging in his t-shirt and boxers at 5pm yesterday....

2. Getting dressed should be easy. I want to feel good in everything I put on.

3. The bungalow is f'ing small. H-town and I have three drawers each. But it's the same way I lived in New York, and I've gotten pretty good at letting go of stuff. Here's the way I'm currently looking at it: "If we were suddenly offered jobs in Barcelona, what would I want to bring with me?"

Now that I've cleared the debris I think I might need a few new signature pieces...

Check out the interview with Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit on Refinery29. Here's her list of 5 most loved items:

1. "A jumper dress by Bernard Willhelm."
2. "An all-in-one shorts thing by Suzy at Unhee."
3. "A circus ringmaster-style black blazer by Rag & Bone."
4. "A Canadian Mounty ex-military cape from an Army & Navy store in Toronto."
5. "A gold tunic by Renata Morales in Montreal."

All right.

(Liela Moss, photo by Andrea Spotorno; Liela with The Duke Spirit; courtesy of Refinery 29)


  1. barcelona=nice conditional. i might borrow that one in my own purging.

  2. Me too. I've been living in The Boy's jumpers and a pair of jeans that are ripped right across the arse for weeks. I've been throwing out everything that is crap in my wardrobe but I can't afford to replace any of it, so the ripped jeans it is for now. They are better than the pyjama bottoms with the yellow crotch, due to an ill-fated bottle of herbal medicine in my luggage one christmas, that I can't bear to throw out because I love them, aside from the crotch stain. Sigh, I want to go shopping.

  3. Oh no. You make me feel guilty. I need to do a major closet purge, but I just can't get up the energy. Sigh.

  4. Since I live in a confined space as well I just did a major purge. The problem, it makes me feel like now I have no clothes and want to go shopping!!! Not that I don't always want to go shopping but it makes me feel like I am down to nothing and yet gets rid of all of the garbage.

  5. I'm working on cleaning out my closet too and giving away anything I don't love. I tagged you too :)

  6. Tag -

    I'm v curious to hear what you love about your country.

  7. why is "skater girl" still the biggest compliment? someone recently told me i was a "total betty" and i thought i was going to die of flattery.

  8. My Mum is a total minimilist and when we were growing up she would always go on these rampages (or "clean-ups" as she called them) where she'd ruthlessly gather up heaps of stuff into big bags and drop it off at charity shops.
    We wouldn't even realize until later when we would be looking for our favourite toy or something.. she'd tell us she had thrown it out two weeks ago and if it had taken us that long to notice it was gone then we obviously didnt really need it..

    I live in a small house too and always invite my mum round to help me when I need to get rid of stuff because nobody is better at 'reducing clutter' than her

  9. YES! bless you for the inspiration - and for the barcelona device.

    this weekend will be the biggest purge my closet has ever seen. (i am SO bad at it. i literally have to shut my eyes as i put things in bags. and someone has to be there to urge me along.)

  10. Oh me too! I love this post. The Duke Spirit is hawt.

    You've been tagged :) Come play with me!

  11. Amen to no more "blog ratings"! Who needs validation through stars anyway? I don't.

    Thank you.

  12. Amanda, I'm actually deleting my whole BloggerBrides profile (though that f'ing site doesn't make it easy). It was skeeving me out playing by the rules to keep someone else's network/advertisers happy.