Monday, October 20, 2008

Tord Boontje candle holders

These are not cheap. But aren't they f'ing gorgeous? They have several sizes at the UK Pedlars Webstore.

I had to post them due to the wild popularity of a desert bride's Boontje cut-out backdrop.

(Rad store via Earth Friendly Weddings)


  1. Totally awesome candle holders aside, I snagged some of those Minnetonkas you're always writing about at a thrift shop today. 18 bucks and never worn. I was so pleased with my find that I pranced around our apartment in my underwear all night wearing them and scaring my cats with the fringe.

    Sadly, I'm one of those girls who buys cool things but doesn't have the balls to try and pull them off in public. I'll plan to go out sportin' the Minnetonkas and skinny jeans and end up in a sweatsuit instead. *sigh*

  2. Damn you and your posting beautiful things I can't afford.

  3. amanda, rock the mocs. Your girlfriends will tell you you're on the cutting edge. The men will fawn... Plus aren't they comfy?

    *no sweatsuits*

  4. DOOOOOD - I just bought tall drinking glasses with this same design for $10 a piece on sale at Unica Home. Go there. They are so beautiful.

  5. Ooo i want these- and the light in rust. I can't find these here yet! Gorgeous!

  6. Love this sweet and simple design of candle holders!! I found many crystal candle holders at Mikasa...