Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Helmut Lang, FUCK YEAH

Kara just asked what we think of this Helmut Lang, and I think what we think is: FUCK YEAH.

Now $231.75 and avail in sizes 0-12. Like i said....


  1. Fuck YEAH. That colour! The silk!

    My oldest friend is going to be our celebrant, so to thank her (and make sure she looks totes-appropes) I bought her this. Do I win?

  2. YES. so much yes.

    *note: olive or darker skin tone required. model shown is doing it wrong.

    1. i would tend to agree. though i think a fair skinned woman with dark hair could also pull it off with the right make-up. GREAT DRESS.

    2. Yeah, I'd be on that dress in a heartbeat if the color were better for me. I'm fair with pink undertones, and I'd look like a piece of raw meat in it. Not in a good way.

  3. I love the dress but need the shoes in my life right now.