Tuesday, June 11, 2013

And the award for BEST WEDDING HAIR goes to....

Dear ESB,

First off, thank you for existing. Thank you for being there from when I had Wedding Brain until I decided to say fuck it and start from scratch.* And most importantly; thank you for being a part of my daily wedding planning ritual so I didn’t completely lose my shit.

A very short backstory; we swapped out the large/complicated wedding we never really wanted for a small San Francisco City Hall wedding + 3 month Europe trip (which starts in July). (You can follow us on our trip over here.)

Onto the wedding day stuff:

I woke up with so many butterflies in my stomach I thought I was going to puke. Or it could’ve been the pre-wedding tacos from the night before (not recommended unless unless you’re ok with having a food baby all the next day).

We started our morning lazily getting ready together and then went our separate ways to get ready with friends. If you’re doing your own hair or make-up I highly suggest knowing exactly what you’re going for or you might go over your allotted “getting ready” time like someone I know...

We almost didn’t do that “first look” thing, but I’m so glad we did. It felt kind of like when you’re little and you beg for a specific toy for a long time and you’re pretty sure you’re going to get that gift, but when you finally open it your heart fills with a burst of joy. Just like that.

After getting tons of portraits done at the Queen Anne Hotel we ate some delicious wedding donuts, drank some wedding juice and hopped in cabs to head to City Hall.

We arrived at City Hall, ate more donuts and got married. Then we all hopped into a party bus, picked up some sushi and ate it outside of the Exploratorium.

We spent the rest of the day walking around Fisherman’s Wharf and watching the sunset. Then came pizza dinner/beer at The Pizza Place. One of our favorite things about the wedding was how almost everyone ended up giving an unplanned speech at dinner, most of which were hilarious.

After dinner we tried to catch some cabs but had no luck. So we took buses to our next destination, which led to the parents referencing The Graduate a lot. We ended up at Buckshot, aka Skee Ball/Photobooth/Dance Party Central. The night ended perfectly with the DJ playing You Make Me Wanna (Shout) for us.


*Following the suggestions of you and your readers, we ended up personally calling everyone that wasn’t invited to City Hall and ended up celebrating with them at a later date. Win/win!

Srsly, who has better hair, Shana or Jerrad?


Also: Those shoes on that man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Photos by Maddie of Hart and Sol West. Go check out more pics -- and read more from Shana -- over on A Practical Wedding.)


  1. Amazing! Looks like a gorgeous, kick-ass, and authentic wedding. Congrats!!

    I am jealous of both of those heads of hair.

  2. ALL OF THAT GORGEOUS HAIR. I'm such a sucker for good hair.

  3. This entire event looks like the best thing ever!



  4. see, you can cancel the giant wedding and still be blog famous.

  5. I'd like his hair and her lipstick, kthx.

  6. loooove the pizza place on noriega for wedding dinner. chillest restaurant in SF. dream time here.

  7. AHHHH! Best wedding dress ever. So sexy AND covered up at the same time! YES!

    Shana has better hair BUT Jerrad totally looks like Jesus. Awesome.

  8. some kids have all the luck !


  9. I thought I was almost getting sick of photobooth strips... NEVER.

    1. yes but the difference is this from a real photobooth and not some WIC photobooth

  10. I FUCKING LOVE THIS. Especially the photos where they're drinking straight from the bottle. I also adore the polaroids. I can just imagine their kids looking through them and saying 'it's weird how hot our parents were hot back in the day.'

  11. That dude is the poster boy for "having a good looking beard is not just about quitting shaving for a month." Take note grooms.

    awesome story !

  12. ok, weird internet coincidence of the day: i once bought my sister's cats a crocheted jellyfish shana made. happy wedding, sexy people! also, berlin and ruby really love the jellyfish!

    1. That's amazing! I love when internet lives cross paths.

  13. Wow, she looks just gorgeous!