Monday, January 7, 2013

who's got $7K?

This art deco aquamarine + diamond ring is gorg.

Via mrs. french via ASC

(ps EraGem also has some excellent aquamarines..........)


  1. This is my birthstone and I've been on the hunt for an Art Deco one for a while.
    The problem with this and most of the estate pieces I've found is color. This is way too pale. It needs to be a bit deeper and have a touch of green. But I love that setting...

    1. I actually had my engagement ring made and it took us months to get the colour that I wanted. If you are wanting a darker coloured stone try finding stones from Africa they seem to have the darker stones with the blue/green colour that I love. I love my ring and it means even more because he and I designed it together. I dealt with a gemologist (excuse the spelling please) and a jewelery designer to get exactly the ring that we wanted. That may be an option for you unless you really want an estate piece from that Era.

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  3. Thanks for the blog post from Vintage Seekers!

    Priscilla - we'd love to help you source an Art Deco ring with the stone you are looking for! You can get in touch with us at

  4. Where was this ring from? I desperately want it!