Thursday, January 24, 2013

THIS BABY doesn't need a matching band

Mid-1700s Diamond Cluster Ring from Erie Basin (obvs)


  1. AHHHHHHHH this ring has been TORTURING me for months. I saw it on Erie's tumblr back in like November and went back to look at it every. single. day. for weeks. And then I had finally (kind of) moved on and WHAM it showed up not only for sale on the site but as the headlining picture. And now BAM here it is here. Just mocking me because I have no money and he has no money. And WHY DO THINGS COST MONEY? *crying*

  2. I pretty much just got a girl boner

    1. If someone proposed to me with this,I would say yes, regardless of gender/sexual preference/anything in life. I might sign up to cheerlead for the patriarchy, for god's sake.