Monday, November 26, 2012

Seeking: SEQUINS!

Dear ESB,

my reception dress is Sara Seven's Golden Lights - see pic.

I need help finding a matching cardigan, as the party is in december and i will be cold. looked everywhere for ivory/cream/sequin but no luck yet. your help is most appreciated...

thank you xoxo



Too much??

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  1. Replies
    1. my thoughts exactly. that jacket is cool though -- especially for the holidaze.

    2. Yeah, it'd look good with a long loose black tee and skinny pants.

      I would not wear a sequined cardigan with that dress. You'll look like an ice dancer. Actually, I'd look for a jacket before a cardigan, which I think will look too sweet/little girl-ish with a cardigan.

    3. Yes to jacket rather than cardigan - less twee
      YES to that jacket (and only £58? I really might buy it myself)
      But unsure unsure about sequin on sequin...

  2. I know we eschew ModCloth but this guy's what you need.

  3. Replies
    1. Agreed. Although maybe there's a good version out there for less $$$. Not that I have any clue how much this gal is willing to spend.

    2. I'd spend maybe up to $200 for the right thing, especially if can be worn again. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  4. I would just do a cashmere or mohair cardigan... Something soft would set off the sequins nicely I think, but I wouldn't do sequins on sequins - and I definitely wouldn't combine it with the gold ombre.

  5. I would go with a jacket rather than cardigan and possibly something with a masculine tailoring influence to take it away from twee/girly and give it some contrast. Love the rag and bone lady tux suggestion above, but personally I think black (i know I know it's for a bride shouldn't be black whatever) tux jacket slightly looser cut than the gold rag and bone - All Saints have one called Kovach at the mo, but my iPad won't let me cut and paste today, so no link.

    But I guess it depends in the general vibe of you / the day.

  6. Because when else are you going to buy something this great, I would go with this Helmut Lang Wool Coat!

  7. Replies
    1. Love it!

      What do you guys think of an easy soft cardigan?

  8. Ok, who wants to start a line of warm wedding dresses?

  9. I wore my fringed leather biker over my cream vintage dress, it looked awesome (if I do say so myself)