Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm so into this.

I'm having a chain moment.

Chain chain chain chain chain.


  1. omgggg I want that first one. It looks kind of crocheted. Love it.

  2. Dannijo did a necklace awhile ago that looks a lot like #2, but it was stupid unaffordable (to me).

    To the crochet note above, I've totally wanted to try knitting with chain. I've seen it done with tiny gold wire, but I want chainnnns

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  4. Just noticing that this jewelry isn't Arielle de Pinto (which I originally commented about). A polite FYI, and no disrespect to Melbourne Metal Collective if this is an honest mistake, but these designs are original to Arielle de Pinto, a Montreal designer currently working out of New York. Her designs are constantly being thefted (its a real problem)... check out her website: