Monday, July 9, 2012

Breaking News: These dresses are lovely

And they're on sale!

Juliette Hogan is based in New Zealand, but her design assistant assured me they'll ship internationally.

Clockwise from top left: Art Deco Dress ($390 NZD/$310 USD), Winter Garden Dress, Bohemian Dress from the bridesmaid collection (starting at $499 NZD/$400 USD), ($480 NZD/$380 USD), Cadence Floral Dress ($280 NZD/$220 USD)


  1. Yes, they are. Pity they're all being modeled by freshly exhumed corpses. Yikes.

  2. Having tried on these dresses in her boutique, I can testify they are indeed awesome. And if you have a consultation with her she will help figure out your wedding dress if you want to mix tops/bottoms/fabrics etc... I left empty handed but loved the dresses!

  3. if I could rewind... the winter garden dress. I'd nix the wedding ordeal and head to city hall with a flask, my bffs, and an amazing pair of cream oxfords. dying.
    someone. please. do. this.