Friday, August 6, 2010

The wedding night....



It's "Heather," who couldn't decide on my wedding location.  UPDATE: We did end up renting an estate in Monterey County overlooking the Pacific Ocean and you pass a farm with donkeys.  :D

ANYWAY!  This time around I am just asking for some reassurance from you and all the amazing ESB readers.

Long story short, my immediate family and bridesmaids will be staying at the property my fiance and I rented out for our wedding ON the night of our wedding and to be quite honest, my fiance and I have no problem with this.  ESPECIALLY because my birthday is the day after our wedding and we're having a birthday brunch/"thank you for coming to our wedding!" brunch and we already know we're going to need lots of help cooking, picking up the cake, picking up necessities at the grocery store, etc. after an OBVIOUSLY very long night.

Is it wrong for me to roll my eyes when people say, "WHY DON'T YOU JUST KICK THEM OUT?!  IT'S YOUR WEDDING NIGHT!"

Yes, I realize you only get married once, but what people keep forgetting is my fiance and I
1) don't care
2) want them there for help the next day
3) have the property to ourselves for the whole week after the wedding and we can hump anywhere in the house the whole week after, and in life in general?!?!?!?!

So tell me, am I wrong for rolling my eyes?



Roll away.

(Polaroid by Raymond Molinar)


  1. you are absolutely right lady.

    the location sounds amazing and the whole plan makes sense and sounds fantastic!
    you will enjoy yourselves the week after and having the whole place...
    and as you've also already said: both of you don't care!
    thats all that matters.

    I am with you. I wouldn't care.

  2. falling asleep after your wedding in a house chock-full of people who've come from all over the place to adore you and support you sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime luxury to me. not everyone would see it as a luxury, which...just means there's surplus awesome for you, now doesn't it.

  3. Ugh don't you love when random strangers and/or awkward family members find it appropriate to talk about you having sex with your man? Ew.

  4. also? that tweet was a leeeetle misleading. i thought, could it be? esb sharing something of her wedding night...? #iknowbetter #ihavethefujiinstaxtoproveit

  5. +1 on what Kerry said. ew.

    Yeah I got a ton of raised eyebrows when I let people know we were staying in the same hotel as everyone else the night of the wedding. umm, it's not like we were having people on the fold-out couch in our suite ok, AND yes I would enjoy having breakfast the next day with my family that I never see. Also, by suggesting we stay elsewhere are you volunteering to move all our shit over to that cute bed & breakfast across town? I didn't think so.

    UMM anyway, yeah in your case it sounds like the perfect situation to have everyone there, don't just roll your eyes, I would physically SHAKE the people who are confused by this.

  6. Um, I'm going to chime in for the cranky introverts (I'm not the only one right?) and say being alone with my boy after the wedding was one of the best parts of my day. Our wedding was a huge, social, exhausting week-long mash of events and we both needed that night to process it all.

    But hey, if you're not a cranky introvert like me, roll away.

  7. @jamie I have a GREAT story about our wedding night but I think I'll save it for the script ;)

  8. Roll away. And, I'd probably hump my brand-new husband anyway. Even if his grandma was sleeping in the next room over, ha.

  9. I have to third what Kerry said. I remember when my mom remarried 10 years ago and, during brunch the next day, my uncle decided that their wedding night happenings were appropriate for mealtime conversation. I'm sure it was exactly what my mom wanted to discuss with her siblings, parents, and 15-year-old daughters. So yeah, roll away.

  10. Roll your eyes to your heart's content. And I'll roll them over here a couple times just for good measure.
    Quite frankly the mere fact that everyone and their grandmother does the nudge nudge, wink wink routine about the wedding night was enough to put me off the idea. A good nights sleep, a meal with the family the next day (who all stayed at the same hotel as us, with the majority of our out of town guests) and a flight to California to do as we pleased for a week without anyone around suited us just fine.
    Hope you have a lovely time with your family!

  11. my bff just got married in hilton head. they spent their honeymoon drinking beer and playing cards with all their friends who had made the trip to celebrate with them. and we all agreed it was awesome :)

  12. joe and i shared a 4 bedroom house with about 25 other people on our wedding night AND had sex. so there.

  13. Lived with my boyfriend before we married and we stayed after to pick up our wedding party...and then we went to his sister's house with the family and ordered pizza and hung out. It was THE BEST to keep spending time with our loved ones instead of stealing away to bang some more.