Monday, August 16, 2010

A bachelorette party on the big Island

Dear ESB-

My best friend of 17 years is getting married in Kona, HI in about two months. I am planning a shower for the day and then a girls' night later that same day. BUT having never been to Hawaii before, I am in need of some creative direction. 

Do you have any awesome readers in Hawaii who can weigh in? 

Many many thanks.


I happen to know I've got a few readers in Honolulu. (Thanks, Google Analytics!) Do you ladies ever get over to Kona, or is it a complete tourist trap?

Maybe someone who has honeymooned there can recommend a good restaurant and a fun bar or two. (We do, however, want to avoid anything too honeymooney. My memory of Hawaii is that everything was honeymooney....)


Photo from Turned Out. Thanks are due to Chelsea for reminding me that I kinda dig this blog, even if half the outfits only work because really hot girls are wearing them. I mean, what are your thoughts on this hiking-boots-for-summer ensemble?


  1. Coolest thing I ever did there was go up to Volcano National Park when the lava was flowing. That was cool. But unpredictable. Sorry, that's all I got. Not really helpful, hey?

  2. I don't know anything about Hawaii... but, YES! on outfits only working because of hot girls (under 25) wearing them. If anyone but this bombshell wore this they would look like a bag lady and everyone would cross to the other side of the street when they saw her. Just saying. Not that I don't LOVE it on her. But it's more like I love certain breeds of dogs. They just wouldn't work at my house.

  3. Blogger Jen Lula from Jen Loves Kev may be able to help... she lived in Hawaii for sometime:

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  5. I lived on The big Island, in Kona for 15 years...its pretty mellow. So, if you are looking for a wild bar scene better head to Maui or Oahu. Having said that, if you bring your own fun, and you want to bond with the girls you'll have a blast.

  6. Rent a tabin (tent/cabin) at Hapuna beach 20 mins north of Kona. There's a gorgeous beach, some snorkeling, we saw a couple of turtles and there was hardly anyone else there. Paddle kayaks in the Kealekakua bay in the morning to see the spinner dolphins, snorkel near the Capt. Cook monument and check out the Place of Refuge (Pu'uhonua O' Honaunau).

    If you can make it over to Pahoa, which is closer to Hilo, the Thai food place has THEE best coconut red curry. Seriously. I still think about that meal I ate over two years ago.