Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Wool

Seven months ago I asked woolgathering & miscellany if she would send me wedding photos. Or, rather, I harassed her via formspring. Remember formspring?

Anyhoo, I received one image in January and one in March and (hurrah!) three more just this month. So. Without further ado...

Dear ESB,

Here's our wedding. Mind you this was over six years ago. We were young, dumb, and full of cum.

Our tattoo artist friend, Aaron Coleman, made our invitation. The original is a watercolor that's framed on our wall. This was also the invite and CD cover.

Our great friends Ean & Reba of Tales from the Birdbath wrote this song for us and flew from Seattle to play our wedding reception. We gave out CDs of the song as favors.

Another buddy, comedian Neil Hamburger, and a local band called Schlitzkrieg also performed. Neil threw a toaster at R on stage. My mom didn't get it.

Reception was held at Hollywood Alley. Anyone/everyone was welcome. Including the 5 drunken bachelorettes who showed up at the end of the night, blow up peen in tow. I must thank them, because this is the ONE photo I treasure most.

Photos are from friends/strangers who brought cameras.
Cake is from some crazy place that my mom liked.
Free kegs all night.
Air hockey in the back

I loved it because we just had so. much. fun.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Full of cum! That Gracie is so cheeky.

    Blow-up peen - so cool! My sister won't even let me get a peen cake for her hen's night (bachelorette party).

    Love ya, Grace!

  2. This is so deliciously wonderful. I can't even stand it.

    The TOASTER!

  3. And with that, the "blow up penis" category is created and drunken bachelorettes finally serve a purpose. Gracie is so adorable I could eat her.

  4. (pee ess patent red leather stuart weitzman pumps not pictured)

    lauren, i married a "ryan"!

    thank you ESB, and you sweet thangs ♥

  5. no no, A Joe is a concept, you see. nye, for example, is also A Joe in my head.

  6. @lauren so is my joe a joe too?

    @gracie omg, why is your face so adorable??

  7. grace, how're you so effing hot AND hilarious?

  8. in other news, i hope you actually have red skates.

  9. i don't exactly get what makes A Joe. but GAWD you kids are ADORABLE.

  10. This makes her even more badass than you even thought she was, don't it?

  11. It is a fantastic wedding, elegant and sweet. I have dreamed of having a wedding ceremony like this. I quite like their invitation design, so cute and funny.