Thursday, August 26, 2010

a magical, confetti-strewn, nyc heat-wave elopement

May 6, 2010 (4:17 AM) 

Dear ESB

We live in the UK and are eloping to New York in late June. We're staying with very good friends who have recently moved to Brooklyn and they'll be our witnesses, along with their 2 year old daughter. Because our friends have only lived there a short while and I have no other contacts in NYC I could really use some advice/help with a couple of things...firstly -

City Hall or Brooklyn Municipal Building? - which is nicer?

and then -

We'd like to head to a park for a picnic lunch afterwards - would anyone cater such a small (4.5 person) event?! and which parks are nicest? oh and! is it true you can't drink alcohol outside in the states? would it have to be a booze free picnic?

Any thoughts/ideas from you and/or your readers would be so gratefully received, if it was at home we could make it ourselves and then ask a friend to help out and set up/deliver the picnic but we don't have that option...please help.

Thank you x


Aug 25, 2010 (1:51 PM)

shit. shittty shit shit.

I JUST SAW THIS EMAIL. I have a whole funky forwarding sitch and somehow this one fell through the cracks.


Will you send me an update? Photos? Something?? Do you hate me foreverz???



Aug 25, 2010 (3:11 PM) 

haha. you don't know how happy you've made me.

an email asking me to talk about my wedding 2 months after the event, when every one else i know is bored shitless of hearing about it.

So we decided against the picnic in the end cos it was just getting too stressful and required so much planning and that was EXACTLY what we were trying to avoid. so, on 25 June we went to City Hall, got married, and kissed under confetti outside - tissue paper confetti - is this usual in the States? Our friends sat up the night before cutting up tissue paper as they hadn't been able to find any in NYC, here it comes in little horseshoe and bell shapes in pastel colours...anyway - then we went to Cafe Gitane in NoLita and shared a bottle of Champagne - took a few photos outside the New Museum - HELL YES! - then off to Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn for an amazing meal and finally to The Jane Hotel - just the two of us.

It's a cliche, but it totally was a magical and wonderful day, I felt completely connected to and grounded in what we were engaged with that day - ie - committing to each other sincerely, and I know, for myself, I might have struggled to stay with that quite as profoundly if there had been lots of people and a lot of hassle leading up to it. Oh and wonderful Saipua made my bouquet and my dress was from Mr Larkin. My guy bought his whole outfit in Brooklyn the day before.

I'm glad we never did the picnic in the end, because we were in New York for the heat-wave and honestly, being outside was a bit torturous, so I reckon it was divine intervention you not getting my email when I sent it...

Thanks so much for getting in touch - oh and you might like my my blog, your blog was the ONLY wedding blog I looked at in the run up to our wedding : )