Wednesday, August 4, 2010

now here's a prop I can get behind....

 Diamond light bulb by Eric Therner.

(Via F/F)


  1. ahhhh can you read my mind???

    i was loooing for an stunning desognes lightbulb,
    since here are ugly lamps installed on the walls of my apartment.
    i already got a screwdriver and unscrewed all ugly parts...
    uhm yeah and now there are ugly exposed lightbulbs that are too bright as well and i am working with sunglasses in my studio.

    ah well.

  2. I just love this. What a great way to dress up those naked light bulbs.

  3. The great thing is, you could use them as lighting for a (party hard, boozed up, fun as hell, RIDICULOUSLY great looking) wedding and then around the house for some rad but real simple accent lighting.

    Damn I love this blog.

  4. can i have a ceiling filled with hundreds of these hanging from it?