Friday, July 2, 2010

bridal hair emergency

morning esb!

so, here's the thing.

I've got a friend who's gettin hitched this august, and just got her hair cut last week.

and the hairdresser cut it short.
she already had shorter hair, but this was much shorter than she was expecting.
she looks absolutely fabulous in this new cut by the way, but she was planning on doing a longer hair style for her wedding, and now she's kinda freaking out.

so I am trying to find photos of brides who are totally rocking short hair styles (ear length or so). maybe with some kick-ass flowers or birdcage veils or headpieces or such, to give her some ideas and show her all is not lost.

but running through my google reader I have managed to find...two.
they were both from your site.*
and you also rock a slammin short haircut, from what I can recall.**
mayhaps you have a few more images squirrelled away somewhere you could send my way?

my friend (and her future husband) will thank you!


I have in fact been known to squirrel things away. But this is a tough one.

So I searched through real wedding photos all over the blogs. Like you said, short-haired brides are few and far between, and I guess I'm just picky. The ones I found were too flapper-y, too little-girl-y (I am not a fan of straight-up BOWS) or too...meh.***

I was pretty much stumped until Garance Doré's shot of Elisa (above) popped up in my blog reader yesterday.

Don't laugh... But what if your friend tied a little white scarf or a scrap of veil around her head? Could be very 2010-meets-1985. But please don't, like, tie the thing in an enormous bow, okay?

Alternatively, she could cut her hair even shorter and go uber simple and chic like Nico (below) or Jean Seberg.

*I believe you are referring to Joy and Kyli.

**No, not really. No. But how could you possibly know that? I've deleted all the evidence.

***With the exception of this photo of Lauren. Nothing meh about it. 


  1. I like the scarf idea. What's the dress like?

  2. i find this advice in no way questionable.

    but mouse has a point. so hard to say without seein a dress style.

  3. Excelent advice!

    Here are lots of brides with short hair:

  4. I was just going to link to OBB's short hair post! I got talked into longer hair for our wedding (which was fine, in a "whatever" kind of way).

    HOWEVER, if I had it my way, I would have rocked the wedding faux-hawk.

    But you can never go wrong with something like this courtesy of flickr:

  5. Two words: feather fascinator.

    I know it's not the most unique choice, but they're classic and can make a big impact. Get thee to etsy for some great and affordable options.

    Below are a couple of inspiration photos. The last girl has longer hair that's pinned up, but it'd look just as good with short hair.

  6. Ooh, ooh! Also this:

    COVET. I think I just found my wedding hairdo.

  7. I feel like Lauren or Amanda could speak to this better, but my understanding of short hair is that the great thing about it is you don't have to DO anything to it, really. Amanda wore a fancy dress to our wedding, with her short hair and chunky jewelry. If I pretend the dress was white, she would have looked bridal and rad.

  8. This style is cute:

    And of course who could forget this bride?

    And one more:

    Good luck to your friend!

  9. This is the BEST! Because guess what I was just doing? Being lazy at work and looking through short hairstyles for me at my wedding because my hair is currently short and I'm going to get it cut again a bit before the wedding and they ALWAYS go shorter than I ask. WTF is up with that?

    Anyway, on to being helpful. Here are some things I've linked to for myself.

    The top two here are nice:

    ok I guess thats the best I got besides links already provided. It depends on how short is short? Like pixie? or chin? I think overall keeping it simple is best.

  10. OK, I lied... ONE more:

    This stylish bride placed a simple flower pin in the back. LOVE.

  11. ah, the length/effort fallacy! amanda can speak to how one addresses short hair with body; as for those of us with fine, pin-straight short hair, like me, i can say that the simpler you go, the better your cut must be. it also needs to be extremely recent, unless you've had that exact cut before and you know just how it's going to grow out; when you're working with mere inches of hair TOTAL, a week or two of growth makes a huge difference. when i got hitched, i had nothing in my hair but mousse - but 1) i had a professional style it that morning, and 2) i'd gotten the cut of my life a week prior (it was during the last world cup, actually - my stylist and i spent the whole time trash talking about matches).

    fascinators &c are well and good, but i think short, modern hair is a great excuse to go big elsewhere. i wore a messy chain necklace and a motorcycle jacket. feathers, what?


    shameless I know, but I was a short haired bride and I wouldn't have done it any other way! :D

  13. Callie. I just died over your hair and that awesome dress. Totally rad.

  14. I was just about to suggest Jean S.

    That's what I'm going for.... plus, I sweat like a beast. Short hairs = nature's A/C

  15. also.... i just want to add that after reading this post i google 'short hair for round faces' or something b/c my face is kinda round.

    and found an article entitled 'hair cuts for fat faces' hahahaha... and the article actually made sense except it kept saying FAT instead of round. stupid.

  16. I still wanna see the dress.

  17. how bout this from celia:


  18. As Meg and Lauren say, I think that *is* the great thing about short hair--rocking it without need for adornment. I give myself two weeks before a big event, cut-wise (mine, having body, needs a week to remember what it's doing after having grown out, and another week to do it well). Then I wear fantastic shoes and jewelry if I have it.

    On adornment, I'm a big fan of a single, large bloom pinned to the back of the hair just behind/below the ear; it's what I rock when I want something in my hair. I'd skip headbands and fascinators, though I have been known to wear a small vintage hat with a veil. Also, curls. Experiment with curls.

  19. I think a jeweled floral hairpiece, a veiled hat or even a sophisticated birdcage veil would all be great ideas.

  20. i have a pixie. a wavy, trying-to-be-audrey-in-sabrina pixie.

    it looks best with nothing done to it- as others have said. if i could go back in time, i'd chop the long hair i grew out for the wedding and add nothing- no veil, fascinator, flower, etc. no matter the dress.

    maybe just some hot earrings.

  21. I walked up to a woman at a bridal showcase and said "this is my hair. I'm not growing it out. What can you do?" And she said, "oh, don't worry - you have plenty of hair." Then she sat me down and did this -
    I've never been sure what "ear length" means, but at the time they did this to me, my hair was just below my ears in the front, and stacked in the back. For the back, we talked about just adding volume.
    I think she needs to go to a wedding stylist and say, "what can you do for short hair?" Because even though we don't talk about it, plenty of women with short hair get their hair done. And blogs are helpful but nothing beats a professional opinion.

  22. i love short hair on brides! so fresh and fun!

    this is prob pretty obvious but for hair accessories i always head straight to i wore their "annie get your gun" feather concoction for my wedding rehearsal and i just loved it. they have so many beautiful pieces to choose from.

    p.s. if you want the scoop on thailand just shoot me an email! i'll give you some more details from our trip. you would love it!

  23. Ah, yes. A great cut and style. I assumed that was a given for all brides ever, short or long. But beyond that, you don't have to DO anything. No flowers, feathers, pins, veils, anything needed. The short hair makes enough of a statement on it's own, no?

  24. the time frame is uniquely important to a pixie cut bride, meg.

  25. hey cool!!

    so many ideas!
    and all uber fabulous.


    forwarding on to my friend as. we. speak.

    maybe she'll come and put up a description of her dress, mouse!

    you guys totally, totally rock.

  26. This bride has a short pixie and wore a feather fascinator. SO cute.

  27. Wow! amazing... I am the friend/bride with the short hair crisis. So many ideas thanks everyone!

    The dress is currently getting altered, but it's floor length with boat neck and lace at the top and empire waist... oh and drop back and train. So very traditional, which is why I was freaking out about the short hair because I didn't feel it fit. But with these ideas I think it will work. As the whole concept of the wedding is a contrast between casual and formal. The setting is beach in Michigan and reception in community barn.

    Accessories: amazing light and bright blue oval earrings which look like the blue of my cats eyes, and then just simple vintage (which I found today) blue shoes.

    So think I'm going to go with simple but elegant look, either the flower in the back or the pinned up with jewels.

    Yeay Ideas!

  28. this is my favorite short-haired bride wedding, actually these photos are what made me do a happy dance after signing our contract with the photographer for our wedding!