Friday, July 16, 2010

July is DIY haircut month!

Kidding. I'm totally kidding.

But last week I did hack two inches off the back that were giving me a weird tail/mullet-y feeling. It seems you can't do Keith Richards and Stevie Nicks at the same time.

In my defense, Alexis was out of town. When I went in to the salon get my hair "fixed" (I.E. to beg her to make it look like I did a better job of cutting it myself), she was remarkably understanding.

Anyhoo, I blame Liv for planting the idea in my head.* 


*Why yes, that is Liv's new boyfriend. On behalf of the group, I would just like to say YOU'RE WELCOME for all the terrific move-to-London-and-make-out-with-a-ridiculously-hot-british-boy advice. Well done, lady.


  1. whaaa?

    did you not learn from MY mistake a while back?! remember how you told me to NEVER do that, but as long as the bangs were ok, i'd be fine. well, i too went to get it "fixed", and apparently "fixed" looks like this and I AM NOT FINE.


  2. I cut my own hair for a solid year in my early twenties; it became something of an addiction, actually. I'm not saying it looked good, but I was awfully fond of the curls in the sink.

  3. I used to cut my own hair, too ! In my younger, wilder days... and I was bold, let me tell ya. My efforts often involved a set of clippers, and were always funky fresh.

    Anyways, the last homemade hair cut I had ended in tears. After too much wine, my boyfriend told me he could "help me out". Big mistake.

    Thankfully, that mistake led to me finding DAVID, my amazing stylist. I currently have long (well, shoulder-length) hair for the first time in ten years. Man, do I feel pretty.

  4. i have yet to find an amazing stylist. or maybe i'm picky.

    yay, liv! that didn't take long at all!

  5. my beyonce cut mine 2 years ago, hacked the 16 inch pony right off. i haven't, nor has anyone else, cut it since.

  6. @holli whoa surfer girl. you need a TRIM.

  7. I always cut my own hair. And I get compliments on it all the time. It can be done.

  8. @holli beyonce cuts your hair??

    @anon i'm willing to bet you're 25 or younger...

  9. @celia @anon yeah. sometimes, "I like your haircut!" means "I am *noticing* your haircut." NOT the same thing.

  10. i call my fiance beyonce.... "fiance" sounds so pretentious and BEyonce sounds so jiggly and fun

  11. Ha, it actually is cut your own hair month.
    I am sooo busy right now that my hair got out of control. I asked my neice to hack off the back for me one day but she was too scared, so I cut it myself in front of her and made a mess of it. So then she agreed to even it up for me. It was a bit evil of me to manipulate a thirteen year old like that. Hair looks horrible, but at least it's not a mullet anymore.

  12. uhm... sorry I didn't plan to encourage the whole world to cut their hair off themselves...mine worked out pretty well though and was great fun. But you should be prepared with a plan B appointment for a short cut at your hairdressers ; )

    thx to all you ladies for the motivating "move-to-london-words!"
    and yes: new haircut, new boy, new city!
    everything is falling into place!

  13. I do it all the time...mulletty hair sometimes needs a seeing to right away. My DIY cuts are usually great for the first week or so but as they grow out I really need to go to a professional whom I normally tell great big white lies to about the friend who is an apprentice hairdresser who needed someone to practice on...oh well.