Tuesday, November 17, 2009


EXHIBIT A: Cape coat. Effyes. And what better excuse do you need to buy these?

EXHIBIT B: Leather pencil skirt. If I had a job, y'know, that actually required me to get dressed every morning, I like to think this is the kind of thing I'd wear to work.

EXHIBIT C: Nude mesh leggings. With neon zippers. I have resisted leggings until now. I haven't wanted leggings until now. ButdamnIwantthese. And not just because she's rockin em with a furry hat. (Hooray for furry hat season!)

Part of me kind of digs the plaid studded shirt, too. But if Lauren can stud a pair of converse, dammit I can stud a plaid shirt.


  1. total torture. i haven't really explored pixie market before. now i'm cursing you because i want everyyyythingggg!

    best retards,

  2. i have about 915 extra studs and a big old awl. we could work something out.

  3. a) girls under 5'2 (like myself) have no business wearing capes. :(

    b) i'm way too geeky to pull off a leather skirt. :(

    c) leggings, especially ones with neon zippers, are mucho hot. your ass will never look better, trust me. :)

    * those gloves?! count me in. definitely.


  4. believe it or not, 2 years ago i had a gorgeous vintage leather pencil skirt. i inherited it from an older friend about 6 years earlier.

    when i wore the skirt, it felt kitschy and silly... not at all like the sexy classic that people see them as these days.

    i got rid of it.

    i am so ashamed.

    i want this trend to STOP so that i can finally quit hating myself.

  5. Ooh, a new favorite shop! Thank you!

  6. I just studded a leather wallet. My fingers are still numb, but definitely worth it. Now I want to stud anything I can get my grubby little hands on!

  7. 17, just revel in how ahead of the times you were.

  8. yeah thats my actual fall/winter outfit: fury hat, leggings, blazer...that was me on the fleamarket 2 weeks ago, haha!
    love the other outfits two. really cool styling.

  9. I have a leather pencil skirt in light pink, and it's really F-ing cute. I've been trying to sell it on Ebay FOREVER, and not even a peep. People have no creativity.

    The black one is rockin.

  10. Dang-a-lang. Those leggings are fierce.