Thursday, November 12, 2009

non-j.crew alternatives for flower girls?

Nikki emailed me to ask for help with flower girl style. Here's her dilemma:

We are not having a traditional bridal party but decided that it would be fun to have my only niece participate as our flower girl. My wedding dress is a short number from Elizabeth Dye and so I want something equally sassy, sweet and fun for the flower girl (but not clone-like or anything). David's bridal makes me want to puke and I have tried a little etsy searching which only resulted in lots of tutus. I am hoping you have a non-j.crew alternative for me as I really do not even know where to begin.

As I've said before, I'm no expert on kids, so I brought in the big guns in on this one. A guest post from Chelsea of {frolic!} is up next. Chelsea always has a super sweet, easygoing vision of clothes for little girls (maybe because her three-year-old niece is so cool?)

Photo by Chelsea Fuss. Misha Lulu dress modeled by Millie.


  1. Awww. Yes.. Millie is for sure an inspiration. This was fun! Thanks for asking me!!

  2. oh, preshy little girls! we are not doing bridesmaids/flower girls, but if we were... they would be rockin' one of these.