Thursday, November 19, 2009

antler wedding decor

I had to post these. I am officially obsessed with antlers for fall.* And bird's nests will never go out of style. (Just ask Martha.)

Photos by Lacie Hansen via 100 Layer Cake

*Yes, my tip arrived, thanks for asking. And it is GORGEOUS. Anxiously awaiting the brass chain I ordered from etsy, and then mabs I'll post a photo of the "finished" necklace if I can manage it.


  1. you're so diy these days... crafting your own jewelry? very impressed.

  2. um. crafting my own jewelry in that I will be threading a chain through the hole in the antler.

  3. Hey East Side Bride!
    I've been following your blog for a long time and I've always loved your thoughts and advice. I got married in February of this year and my husband and I were thinking about renewing our vows and having our closest friends over for a party on our 1 year anniversary. He thinks it's a great idea but I'm worried it might be too cheesy to renew our vows every year. I don't want it to seem too self-indulgent, as if I have to have another "wedding" every year! Of COURSE we will NOT ask for/accept gifts and we won't have bridesmaids or groomsmen or anything. Just a quick ceremony and then party. What are your thoughts?

  4. esb, much more diy than i. i "make" jewelry by pulling cash out of my wallet.

    anon, i'd skip it. the whole vow renewal thing is like, "wow, we still feel like newlyweds!" and at one year, you are still newlyweds.

    /butting in

  5. I have this vision of you bravely battling craftiness as it tries to get you from all corners of the internet until finally you give in and diy a necklace. I like it.

  6. I love these details.
    I might as well just get married inside an owl pellet.
    That's where i'm heading.