Thursday, October 1, 2009

I suck

Or, rather, blogging via iphone sucks. I'm in nyc until Monday and MY MOM DOESN'T HAVE WIRELESS.

"Why the eff did you bother dragging your laptop on the plane?" you ask.

Good effing question.

Anyhoo, if you miss me you'll have to find me on Twitter. I'm talking to you, Blind Irish Pirate.

Images via Life in Lomo


  1. have a great time!!! I miss nyc so so much...

  2. I am a woman of great patience. I can wait. And, anyway, if you were COOL you'd be on FB. Oh, wait, I guess that's only a hipster? F* me running if I'm hipster.

  3. All mothers have to have wireless. More important that breasts after a certain age.

  4. hope you are having fun here in the big apple!

  5. wireless is already more important than breasts, and i'm thirty. should i be concerned?