Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear ESB: we're eloping... (part three)

Yesterday I got this email from Brandy, with the subject: Remember me? Dress/shoe help?


You'll be happy to know that in the end I wore the lace short dress. Three days before we went away I took it in to the place by my work that hems my pants and asked if they could alter it so it fit, they could, same day it cost 25 dollars. I figured if they fucked it up I'd just wear something else. I ended up not finding any awesome shoes, well I found many awesome shoes but all of them were more than I wanted to spend, so I'm saving up for a mega shoe purchase. Wore some pewter coloured shoes I had from Nine West.

The hairdresser didn't bother to listen to my "I want BIG messy 60's hair" instructions and did her own thing, didn't care. Had the ceremony to a soundtrack of The Smiths (Instrumental of Please, please, please) Big Star, The Association, Dusty Springfield, Nick Drake and Paul Weller. It was pretty awesome. Afterwards our witnesses took photos and we drank a bottle of champagne in a horse drawn carriage, which we hadn't planned on doing as it's a wee too tacky touristy for us but we thought fuck it, better than sitting on a park bench and being harassed by seagulls!

Anyhow here are my two favourite photos (my husband hates the one without our heads but I think it's awesome). Thanks again for being awesome and hilarious.



Remember you? Are you kidding me?? I've been thinking about you nonstop and wondering if you hated me and dying for photos. DYING.

May I put these up on the blog? Because you guys ROCK, the dress rocks, and p.s. where did you get your RING?? (Editor's note: click on photo #2 to zoom in.)



Hate you? No way! Theres only a few blogs that don't make me want to vomit and were my saving grace, with all the stuff that's thrown at brides it's amazing there isn't a special hospital for them once they go crazy!

Ahh thanks, I thought we cleaned up pretty well! Of course you can put them up on your blog! It'd be an honor! My ring was made by a friend of ours who owns a company called
The Fair Trade Jewellery Co. here in Toronto. Almost all the flowers are from my garden, so I get to see them every year which is nice. I'm married and it's super, although pretty much the same as before but with more jewellery. I guess that's what happens when your with someone for ten years.



p.s. In case you missed em, here are links to the controversial Dear ESB: we're eloping and I'm on dress #3 and Dear ESB: we're eloping... (part two).


  1. absolutely perfect. ugh i'm SO jelly

  2. Niice. Simple and gorgeous. And that lace dress is killer.

  3. oh p.s. esb- this is the lady whom requested the engagement rings recently... i'm taking a blog for a test drive

  4. Yeah Brandy! I adore the first picture. Happy sigh.

  5. style-for-style, you can get a pretty good look at the ring if you zoom in on photo #2

  6. Adorable! You look so sweet and happy...congrats & thanks for sharing.

  7. So many "fuck it"s! Love it. Congratulations!

  8. thats great!!!!
    all so simpel and very cool.
    i like them.
    would love to hang out this weekend ; )

  9. mad props. the top photo is spectacular. it reminds me of mick and bianca.

  10. i love a happy ending.

    and old silver shoes seem to be in right now... ask meg. ;)

  11. Yay for the kid who elope. I just learned that a friend of mine & her now-husband got a dress on eBay, flew to Paris & hired a photog with their wedding budget.

    I suddenly feel like I lost the plot somewhere ...

  12. This looks so lovely. Congrats to the stunning couple!

  13. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!
    It's funny at one point I was preparing to spend several grand on a photographer and in the end my favorite photos were taken with a point and shoot by our witnesses!

  14. And thanks again to ESB for being her and telling it like it is! xxoo