Monday, October 19, 2009

I (heart) cevd

I've been waiting all week for Christine to post photos of her wee shop/custom invitation studio. I don't want to brag or anything... Okay maybe I do want to brag a little: H and I got our asses out of the house and made it to the opening.

I won't lie to you, the paper goods are rad. We did a little early christmas shopping while we were there. And I don't even want to talk about the bacon chocolate bars. Proceed with caution. (Alternatively: Consume with bourbon. Die happy.)

But I digress. Cevd's hand-printed I ♥ LA bags are what really killed me. H bought me one and I haven't left the house without it since.

Would you believe this puppy holds $70 worth of groceries from Whole Foods? Plus the "(Los Alamos, California)" in fine print cracks me up. It's a funny little "You didn't really think I loved Los Angeles, did you?"

Bonus: Since we've been on the topic of engagement rings and nontraditional girls, I hounded cevd to send me a photo of her vintage green sapphire engagement ring.

mas found the ring through his dad's ex-girlfriend who has since started the online antique jewelry shop Topazery. (Cevd took this photo in her studio on one of the DIY seat cushions. Showoff.)

Cevd also has a little Sarah Perlis diamond. I. know. But whenever I see her she's rocking the sapphire.

Update: Christine says "perhaps you need to mention that when it comes to engagement rings people need to GET over the diamonds? ... like now please." And bags are now for sale on etsy.


  1. I wish I had known of that site when we were looking at rings. I'm now going to become obsessed with it. Gorgeous stuff!!

  2. Whenever I see her she's rocking the Sarah Perlis....

  3. My husband designed my engagement ring using three sapphires. I love it. Frankly, I never really considered a diamond and am glad to have such a beautiful ring. I have a white sapphire and two blues but the green is lovely.

  4. 1) that pup is killing me softly with its cuteness

    2) see? this is the problem with reader! i read each and every one of your posts. apparently, i only mentally comment.

    3)switched feed back and will stop by more oft.


  5. Bacon chocolate chocolate ever invented. Period.

  6. I heart my diamond engagement ring. So THERE!

  7. shut up. i *love* that green sapphire. ah-mah-zing.

    wish we could have made cevd's opening too. i heart her too. {and of course frances} but thanks for bringing us back CHOCOLATE from the opening!


  8. woo, t-bone! right there with ya.

  9. Things that are awesome in this post*:
    1) her studio
    2) those bags
    3) the ring
    4) FRANCES!!

    *in no particular order

  10. I love the bag, but if you've been to Los Alamos, I'm not sure you'd advertise your amore. It's basically a street with some rundown businesses and a really crappy hotel.

  11. excuse me, Erin, have you been there LATELY?