Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I dig your style too, man...

I think it's safe to say The Big Lebowski is H-town's all-time favorite movie. He can find an applicable quote for any situation, and god forbid you should interrupt if he feels the urge to recite a whole scene.

This year's Lebowski Fest at Lucky Strike Lanes brought out some hard-core fans. See more photos (and hear what they have to say) on New York Mag's The Look Book.

When asked how he put together his costume, Pete Larkin, the dude pictured above right, said, "It came out of the closet, man. I’ve been the Dude all along. They basically made a movie about me."

The New York Times covered the Fest from the White Russian angle. (Also choosing to publish a photo of Peter. That dude was posing all night.)

(Photo: Spencer Heyfron)


  1. Ha. H-Town should meet my husband. All I hear when I get riled up "I'm calmer'n you, Dude. Calmer'n you are."

  2. my uncle's wife's nephew started the original big lebowski convention in his hometown of louisville, ky. with a little finagling i could probably introduce him to h-town.