Monday, December 22, 2008

black masks might actually be the next thing

Martha called it.

But I will stop trying to predict. You may get the mistaken impression that I'm cutting edge. While I sit here in my husband's dirty t-shirt.

Seriously though, fabulous photo booth props.

(Image courtesy of cats & birds via .v)


  1. Haven't you heard? Husbands' dirty t-shirts are the next big thing!

    PS: I really really hope it's black kitty masks....

  2. Oh god, to we HAVE to have a Next Big Thing? It's so exhausting trying to keep up then having to think of something new when your NBT has become cliched old shite!

  3. Fine peonies. Just entertaining myself over here rather than showering.

  4. Fair enough, showering is awful tedious.

  5. Oh, and I'm just bitter because I never manage to get to grips with the Latest Big Thing until it is in fact, cliched old shite. I'm just not cool enough for this stuff.

  6. nooooo way above it, silly lady. while emilia and I are down in the trenches ;)