Saturday, December 13, 2008

CNC by Costume National

I dig it. These and a bunch more tuxedo-inspired looks are on sale at

p.s. I refuse to jump on the blogging-about-Gossip-Girl bandwagon, but.... Did you see Chuck's black sequin tuxedo jacket? And then Lew Ashby rocked a he-ot tux jacket with a silver collar on the last episode of Californication. With a t-shirt and jeans, of course. (If anyone knows who designed that jacket, please tell me.)


  1. I love Lew Ashby. Like, in a punch-you-in-the-face then make out with you kind of way.

    Sorry. I blame it on the margaritas.

    Seriously though, Lew Ashby + Anthony Bourdain= hot older guy alcoholic fantasy.

  2. I dunno about Anthony Bourdain, but Lew totally. And I still think Billy Idol is hot... Maybe it's my oliveless martini talking. (I save the old juice for desperate moments, but it doesn't feel right without the fruit, I must admit.)