Thursday, November 20, 2008

yay! I love it when you ask me for advice

(Even if I'm totally unqualified to give it to you.)

Amanda writes:

Question for the groom fashion expert: my guy wants to wear his favorite pair of brown dress shoes to the wedding, and I really want to see him in a nice pair of charcoal gray slacks with a button up shirt (I'm leaning towards a light pink pinkstripe. maybe purple).

Can this work? Any advice here?
Being a girl who wears a black yoga suit out everywhere, I need fashion help.

Ok, they aren't wing tips, but they are pretty much this color (maybe a bit darker).

I say yes! Let the man wear his favorite shoes.

And I searched the Style Guy to back me up. Here's what I found:

Q: I often see men who know how to dress well wearing gray suits with brown shoes and a brown belt. It seems like black would go better than brown with a gray suit, but maybe there is something I don’t know.

A: Either black or brown shoes are “correct” with a gray suit. There is a movement toward brown shoes, I think, because they offer more potential in the patina department. Great brown shoes look luxurious. If the suit is dark gray, however, the shoes, if brown, should be dark brown.

Jelsen broke this rule, wearing honey-brown shoes with a dark suit, and he *rules*

So there you have it.

(Image courtesy of The Sartorialist)


  1. You are so smart. Seriously, I don't know any of this stuff. But HELP ME, Fauxhawk's b'day is coming up and I'd like to get him something to spiff him up. He is deeply suspicious of fashion and shops exclusively at FCUK and Lucky because he can't be bothered. The uniform is cargo pants and jeans with a long sleeve t-shirt. I think it's time for a more grown-up look. Where would you go shopping for a boy like mine?

  2. ooooooooo. would it spoil the b-day if i did a post? he won't find out, will he??

    body-type please.

  3. Thank you so much. Now I can rest easy knowing we can both get our way and he won't look like a clown in the process.

    What would I do without you?

    Now for the yoga suit... ;)