Tuesday, November 18, 2008

taxidermied bride & groom

I was headed over to Paxton Gate to stalk Laurie Brown when I found these. Omg.

I think they'd make the perfect wedding present for someone really really cool. (According to Jeanie's bio, they are actually intended to go on top of the cake.)

P might also appreciate the Mexican tourist mouse.

The little rodents come with a warning: Although their hides are cured and dried, they still may appeal to pets. Keep them out of reach of your dog or cat.


  1. I'm equally compelled and repulsed at the same time. Great find!

  2. Haha, East Side I love ya but I have to say it... eeew! I am totally not cool enough to use and love this the way it should be loved.

  3. The Groom looks just like the pet rat I had back in high school. A little creepy, yet still a little cute.

    I'm weary at the thought of putting anything taxidermy on top of a cake though. Maybe on a bookshelf. Just not anything I would then put in my mouth.

  4. Oh my lord woman. And you a rodent lover. Shame on you.

    I saw those on ebay a few months ago and hoped to god that I would never see them again.

    Dead things on top of your cake? That's so very very wrong.

  5. I have just realised that these are not the same dead cake rodents I have seen before. That means that there is more than one set of dead cake rodents in the world which means that more than once did someone think 'I know, I'll stuff some dead rodents, dress them up as a bride and groom and someone can sit them atop a wedding cake!' And THAT is frightening!

  6. but you're kind of obsessed, aren't you peonies?

    miss you. i've been working all weekend :X

  7. Oh my god, that is fucking hilarious. Both the cake toppers and the Mexican mousey. Twisted. Love it.

  8. Not quite obsessed, I'm in that weird place between repulsed and fascinated. Taxidermy will do that to me though.

    Miss you too. Work sucks.

  9. Omg I love you!
    I've been planning to have these guys sit on my cake for ever.
    I actually want the couple who made us this piece:
    to create a micey couple who resemble us.

    (ps, I adore all the comments this post received)
    High fives!