Tuesday, November 4, 2008

obama supporters vs. mccain supporters

Check out this cool interactive feature at nytimes.com and register your current mood.

I've already gone from anxious to excited.

Oop. Back to anxious again. So much for getting *any* work done today.


  1. Relieved! Much like the rest of Australia methinks :D

  2. Happy - to be a part of history. Proud- of my country. Excited - to see how it all turns out!

  3. P.S. you're gone, the rating system is not. I feel cheated.

    But on the bright side, at least I don't have to feel cheated about the election this year!

  4. once there was this girl who i liked to copy. then her internet went away and i ran out of material. sigh.

  5. the winds of change blew out our service for two whole days. srsly. i got so much done i didn't know what to do with my self. writing. thank-you notes. mending. missed you!!