Saturday, November 1, 2008

swap meet here I come

The other day I found myself watching Tim Gunn's Guide To Style. I'm not proud of it, but sometimes you need a little style TV.

Anyhoo, the fashion *victim* got busted for carrying her big bag everywhere instead of pulling out a little clutch to take to the bar after work. Oops.

Do I need to go shopping?

Fab swap meet finds (and fab photos) from Jen Gotch.

p.s. Stylista, starring the new Nina Garcia, is not bad either. If you need a replacement for Runway. Edit: Okay, it is pretty bad. But sometimes you need bad.... Right?


  1. Have I menioned I'm glad your back? I have felt sort of under a rock this week, but now that I'm catching up, It's so nice that your back around the place....

  2. A little clutch? Please! Why would you carry a bag inside a bag?

  3. oooh, i definitely want to watch stylista. nina garcia is a trip. ps. totally guilty of the big bag thing too :)

  4. Oh but Joanna, it's not Nina. She got replaced by Anne Snowey (the NY Mag article is pretty fascinating).

    I watched last night and it's definitely *bad* tv. But in a good way.

  5. I love Tim Gunn. I watch the show and then when I'm looking at my clothes I find myself thinking "Tim would not approve of this." I think I need to start using the clutch too.