Wednesday, November 12, 2008

and the bride wore black leather

I have this jacket. (Okay, it's not Comme des Garcons, it's better. I bought it on Haight Street in when I was in high school.) My mom is still storing it for me, even though she's moved at least seven times since then.*

I could never bring myself to part with the jacket, in spite of my propensity to get rid of things. Ah well, maybe I'll wear it for the vow renewal....

Photo from New York Magazine via Nibs. Do you follow Martha's wedding posts? You should.

*Um, mom, thanks for storing my secret stuff while I brag about being a minimalist.


  1. Ha. Storing stuff is my secret vice. I'm all "Oh no, I HATE clutter. No knick-knacks for me! And then... you go in my basement. Yikers.

  2. thats my kind of bride! i recently bought my first leather jacket, and i've been trying to weasel it into every outfit since.

    clutter is my nemesis. i am like a tornado around our apartment: "what's this? why do we have it? i'm giving it to goodwill!" that is, until i come upon my collection of ceramic animals...

  3. Amazing photo, amazing jacket and amaaaazing dress. I've always dreamt of wearing red to me wedding, not sure I'm daring enough to pull it off though!

  4. totally the way to go--I love it!