Saturday, June 14, 2008

wedding bubbles

H-town's niece chose Yellow Submarine to play on her flute for the recessional. I instantly thought, we should hand out bubbles!

And how cool is this couple?
Photos by Malloreigh.


  1. I wanted a bubble machine for the drinks reception! But it was part of the 'extraneous crap' that was cut out of the budget. But how fun it would have been!

  2. Wow a bubble machine. I'm just thinking little bottles of bubbles (okay with a pretty tag) everybody can blow at us. I think the little kids will dig it!

  3. I'm too impatient for bottles of bubbles, the bubbles don't come out fast enough! And I don't really like the confetti/bubbles being thrown/blown at us thing. I think I'd just feel really self-conscious just standing there!

    I've just looked up machines and you can get one for about £8 on ebay so I might reconsider!

  4. They are so cute. I'm thinking we should definitely have bubbles instead of confetti.