Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Note to self: incorporate clothes pins

Image by Louis Park via {frolic!}


  1. Check. We're incorporating clothes pegs! (pegs in the UK, pins in the US? hmmm, interesting!)

    We're using the really cheap wooden ones because I think they're cute, interspersed with (a few) really expensive bird shaped ones, because they're reeeeally cute.

  2. The film geek term is c-47 (they're very handy for hanging gels, black wrap, etc). Don't ask me, but we've got a lot of 'em around the house!

    H-town laughs at me for wanting to incorporate everything I see into the wedding!

  3. :) Good to know! We use them for hanging up negatives. But still just call them clothes pegs!

    As long as you know when to stop with the wanting to add everything you see to the wedding or you'll drive yourself mad!

  4. I was just thinking about how to use them in mine, but not as you pictured here though... ;)