Friday, June 13, 2008

Ethically sound knickers

Handmade in the UK from locally sourced remnants and cut-offs that would otherwise go to waste. They're a little dear, but how often can you boast that your knickers have a small carbon footprint?

From Luva Huva via Daily Candy.


  1. But then you have to ship them all the way over here! ;-)

    They're cute though!

  2. Excuse me, Riley. I have a number of readers in the UK.

    I know, once you start trying to go green it's a mine field ;)

  3. those are sassy - i like 'em!


    you lived in the west village?!
    epp! it is my favorite place in ny so far. very peaceful - in a sense, reminds me of the small town i grew up in in the midwest.

    do you still live in the city?

    when my boyfriend and i get married, we want to dance to "can't help falling in love" cover by bob dylan. yes, him & i are both crazy about dylan! he's coming to brooklyn - tickets go on sale today!

  4. I'm in LA now, but I hung on to the apartment!

    Grew up listening to Dylan records... (H-town is less fond than me, unfortunately.)

  5. They're cute! But too flimsy for me, I like big knickers, with lots of elastic!