Sunday, June 22, 2008

modern ballerina bride

How fabulous is this ballerina skirt from etsy's abstractpretty?

The simple top keeps it from feeling too saccharin sweet. And I f'n love the bangs.

I miss my bangs. Why am I growing out my bangs...?!


  1. Because everybody and their dog has them?

    I love this dress, there's something really crazy about it. A kick ass ballerina!

  2. My fabulous stylist friend who's doing my hair for the wedding said bangs would look dated in the pics. She's right, I guess...

  3. Yeah, maybe. If I had them I would sweep them to the side like Lily Allen in those pictures I posted of her.

    And I love the word 'bangs', it's hilarious! Here it's called 'a fringe'. Which is equally silly!