Monday, June 2, 2008

Tagged (he's gonna kill me)

Peonies and Polaroids tagged me, and she made some new rules. (Which I love.) This time, I have to share four things about my beau.

1. He grew up in Houston. The night we met I programmed "H-town" into my phone for him, and I've never changed it.

2. H-town has a carefully curated t-shirt collection (half vintage, half indie). He pretty much wears a t-shirt every day.

3. When he's finishing a big project, he can last for days on just a few hours of sleep. (I can't.) Then he crashes and sleeps for 14 hours.

4. He's a great cook. Thai noodles with deep fried tofu is my favorite thing he makes, although grilled steak comes in a close second. (I'm gluten-free, and he's gotten v. good at cooking stuff I can eat.)

Now. Please give us some dirt on Mr. Nibs, Mr. c(oi)n:purse, Mr. Hitched! and That Groom.

(Image courtesy of emily ann)


  1. I'm loving these posts! So fun :) (Yay for him cooking gluten free!)

  2. Thanks for playing! The Boy has a huge collection of t shirts. He pretty much lives in them. Hence the difficulty in finding him some wedding clothes he's comfortable in. I vetoed a t shirt wedding pretty early on!

  3. Totally fun!

    H-town actually knew the exact Jil Sander suit he wanted and I managed to find it used. I got all fluttery seeing him in it.

  4. Yeah, I got all excited seeing The Boy in a shirt and smart trousers! Seeing him in his work suit for the first time just disturbed me slightly though!

    I can't believe you managed to find the right suit in the right size! I've never managed to find anything like that!

  5. Actually, it's a funny story... He told me to stay the f* out of what he was wearing. He wanted to surprise me. All I knew was he wanted Jil Sander, which we could never afford, so I kept secretly looking. When I saw the suit in his size at our favorite used/vintage store, I called him and said "Don't kill me, but..." He forgave me immediately, it was the very suit he had dreamed of, and it fit perfectly. (There are some bonuses to living in LA.)

  6. I love that! It's so cool to hear of groom with an actual (gasp) opinion! And a bride who lets him have one!

  7. Thanks for the tag! My reply is going up this morning.