Tuesday, May 28, 2013

someone please get married in THIS

French Lace Top by Raquel Allegra (boy do I have a style crush on her)


  1. Wouldn't work for my wedding, but loving it for the honeymoon

  2. re: your style crush. Please consider dusting off the possibility of a where-the-cool-girls shop series. I get that it's not explicitly wedding-related, but it is certainly pertinent to personal style, and that's something that is ideally part of some wedding decisions. I just know that an esb guide (along with esb's chorus of brilliant readers) would recommend some cool shit I don't know about, and I'd love to see an online shopping guide that is neither that "a crisp white shirt and a little black dress" song and dance nor a bunch of tacky Nasty Gal stuff. Good ones are hard to come by in my experience. Sorry to hijack this post-- I just wanted to throw it out there.