Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pls help me find a Route 66 dress....

Hi there,

I'm a big fan and a "no frills" type of girl. I never thought I'd care about weddings and dresses, but here I am caring. Whatever.

Here's the issue. My fiance and I are photographers and are going to be taking our own engagement photos along Route 66 this summer. I'm excited and have planned out various outfits for when we get to certain stops, but one of the dresses I'd like to use is this nice number from Mara Hoffman.

Well, it's sold out everywhere. I've called and begged.

Any ideas of a dress similar?  

Thanks for any suggestions,
Suddenly Giving a Shit


Dear SGAS,

Please don't wear a white dress in your engagement photos.

I mean. How do you plan to top that at your wedding? With a fucking BALL GOWN??

I thought you were a "no frills" girl.


(Finds photo of woman in blush dress walking down highway. Thinks, fuck, that looks pretty great.)

Hilary Rhoda by Lachlan Bailey for Harper’s Bazaar via Searching for Style


  1. I know you are photographers, but I think maybe you are overthinking the engagement photos?...

    you're heading down route 66, I'd opt for a bit of spontaneity? choreograph the shit out of the wedding, maybe relax a bit about the engagement photos.. I mean .. right?

    1. Seriously. I have nothing against dressing up in weird outfits and taking pictures, but don't drop a grand on a gown and plan months ahead for it.

    2. And ALSO, I hate to bring this up again, but your wedding (engagement?) is not a photoshoot! I agree, be spontaneous and photograph the love that you have for each other, instead of worrying about what you'll be wearing.

  2. God, I thought the Mara Hoffman dress was the one pictured with the post (not that bad), until I followed the link. Yikes, that is a full-on gown. Too much, too much!

    The top photo is all classy lot lizard, not fussy princess on the side of the road. Save the princess shit for your wedding.

  3. Am I crazy or is THIS ON THE ROAD DRESS perfect? Am I being too fucking literal?

    OR if you want a blue gown (similar to the mh i think) to ruin and desecrate on the side of the road, this Temperley is amazing. And ONLY $4,000. Which is a lot of dough that you might want to spend on the wedding dress. Everything gets ruined on the road. Except leather jackets.

    If it were me I'd look for something that can be paired with a leather motorcycle jacket.

  4. You're willing to shell out almost $500 for an engagement photo dress?

    Free People has some options. Not all gowns but I agree with ESB on that one anyway:
    A similar but black Mara Hoffman

  5. I was going to say something bitchy but I don't even get what engagement photos are about so never mind.
    (Ok what I was going to say is I feel sorry for the bridesmaids in this wedding party)



    2. Never really gotten the whole engagement shoot thing either. The majority end up being 'casual' pictures of a couple embracing on a vintage piano, or whatever other junk they've hauled out to the middle of a field for the shoot. Love the dress though, but only for the wedding itself.

  6. This post on style me pretty made me think of ESB.

    How is that NOT a wedding? Also, even if it was, who wears a tux and a white gown on the beach? And this is coming from someone who 1) took engagement pics (to be fair they were Christina Richards and gorgeous) and 2) still reads style me pretty (and ESB) almost a year after my weding.

    1. yeah... that looks like a wedding. why essentially spoil the surprise for the guests by having a wedding-like engagement shoot?? I think of engagement shoots as a chance/excuse to have a few nice portraits of you as a couple that you can keep for posterity. casual and fun is ok. orchestrated and contrived isn't.
      I can imagine this couple showing photos to other people years from now and the people getting really confused about why there were so many wedding dresses and locations...

      -disagree though with the anti wedding gown on the beach, obviously not biased or anything because I'll be having those pics at my beach-side wedding.

  7. Here's the thing I don't get. While you're off wearing An Outfit, what the hell is your man wearing in these photos? Unless he is also into Lookin' Good, I always feel like there is way too much sartorial mis-match in couple's photos.

  8. I get that you and your man are photographers, but give me a break with this Route 66 engagement photo shoot. I don't have a problem with engagement pictures like some people on here do, but this sounds ridiculous and over the top.
    Or maybe I'm just jealous that you can drop that kind of cash on one of your MULTIPLE outfits.
    Either way, tone it down. It's engagement pics, not a spread in Vogue.

  9. Holy crap! Everybody calm down. I'm Route 66 girl and let me give you a few more details here...

    We were going to do Route 66 this summer anyway and hate normal engagement photos. I don't want to look "natural" while sitting in the woods. We live in ops are overused to begin with and I can't stand another photo in the park or by Lake Michigan. Basically, we're going to take whatever photos we want on the Route and call them our "engagement photos" and that will be that. We're not over the top or thinking it's Vogue...we're actually cheap and DIY'ers.

    The dress: THANK YOU KATE FROM APRIL 3RD'S COMMENT. I love the one ESB posted but it's out of the price range even though it's seriously badass in that photo. I'm getting the $168 Free People one which will work for the photos as well as if we spontaneously elope. Yes, we're planning on eloping which is why I was looking at the Mara Hoffman dress to begin with (which was $400 something on sale-no, I'm not rich), and thinking, "Hmm...maybe this could work for the photos and incase we elope? I dunno, HELP ME." I hate wedding etiquette, but I guess that's obvious. Hence, eloping.

    Sorry I didn't give more details sooner-I just needed help with the dress, so I didn't bother, but now that I see the stir I made here, I'm realizing pple are waiting to pounce so more details would have helped ;)

  10. Oh and thank you ESB for the Chrome tip. It's working and I'm apparently just as lame with technology as I am with figuring out dresses.