Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brunch with Anna Sheffield

The ADORABLE Anna Sheffield was in town last weekend, and though I generally avoid meeting internet friends/colleagues IRL.... I couldn't resist making a date for chilaquiles* and seeing all the gorgeous sparkly things in person. 

Michelle Pullman of Rad + In Love was kind enough to tag along and snap some photos for you guys. 

(And I should also mention that they took very good care of us at Franklin & Company -- managed by this dapper groom.)

Are you noting the stacked two-finger rings? Fucking KILLER.

Anna explains how these little guys stack.

I came this close to recommending the amulet ring to our Fussypants bride, and I should have. It is really so lovely in person. *Everything* is so much more lovely (and more delicate) in person.

Sterling silver horse hooves. I mean, COME ON. 

And I fell in love with that egg bangle. I almost tried to wear it out of the restaurant.

How adorable is Anna in her Lindsey Thornburg dress?? Plus her bag coordinates perfectly with her tats. nbd.

(Photos by Michelle Pullman of Rad + In Love)

*Chilaquiles are not pictured. Bonnie + Bri may feel free to shoot me a big fat I TOLD YOU SO.


  1. Anna made my engagement ring - I am absolutely in love! Her bridal staff is great. They work so hard to make your ring unique and perfect. They have so many interesting stones and each piece looks like a family heirloom. I highly recommend working with them!

  2. These jewels are divine. Also, you are so cute.

  3. I love how she's rocking her natural color - including the gray. I stopped coloring my hair shortly after my prematurely gray hubs and I began dating and I haven't looked back (much) since. I sometimes worry I look too old, like on my wedding day, but then I look at the young face beneath the gray and remember I look like I'm a grown ass woman, which I am.

    Anna, you're gorgeous and your hair is gorgeous too!

  4. So jealous of you, right now. Can I be you when I grow up?



  5. Too cool for school. Both of you. I want the horse hoof bracelet almost as much as I want to figure out what the hell Chilaquiles are and then eat a whole bunch of them.

  6. and some bilateral tattoo symmetry, no less. i approve.

  7. I have so many comments. asdkljsaf;klj.

    *those rings! I've mostly given up on stackable rings because they tend to be so spidery-skinny and look silly on my Swedish-peasant hands... but these are actual real rings, not just gold threads! and holy eff they are gorgeous!

    *Michelle's photos are unreal. each one of these is a little masterpiece. whoaa.

    *Franklin & Co has SCOTCH EGGS?!

    *nice top.

    1. Scothch eggs.....so yum! I'm proud to say that the little Irish pub in our tiny town makes them. They are the best after dinner Oh-Crap-I've-Been-Here-Drinking-For-Four-Hours-And-I'm-Hungry-Again snack ever.

  8. I love her jewelry and this was a great post!

  9. I've been ok with not having any stones in any of my rings, but I am pretty sure I'm gonna need that amulet ring.
    Off the subject but, ESB, what kind of bra are you wearing, I swear once I got to the C/D range I can't find anything with straps that thin!

  10. She looks like a cross between Helena Bonham Carter and Tracy Ullman in THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. I officially have a girl crush.

  11. IT'S YOU! Fuck, I miss you.

    Nice rings. And tattoos.

  12. it is the quintessential esb tee!

  13. love that horse hoof bracelet. pls contact my husband ASAP with this info.

  14. love her work and her showroom. am currently wearing some teardrop earrings by her this minute!

  15. holy shit, that amulet ring. i don't know if i've ever seen anything better EVER.

  16. love this post. want everything. dying.


    also: it's YOU!!!!! you're adorbs.

  18. whatever with the jewelry...there is a PHOTO OF YOU ON YOUR BLOG. miss you. xo