Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scosha: the priciest friendship bracelets EVER

But c'mon. Tell me you don't want a whole wristful of these.*

*Also available in black.


  1. well, obviously.

    but you knew that.

    maybe we can bribe lauren to make us some?

  2. iknowhowtomakefriendshipbracelets. what we need is a *metal caster*


  3. oh man... those are super cute. then I clicked over and looked at the price tag. eek!

    also, I still totally rock a friendship bracelet from time to time. handmade, of course!

  4. whew... beautiful! at first glance i thought they were made out of braided HAIR. now THAT would be extra cool (and a shit ton more $$).

    regardless, i am really into these. thanks for the linkie poo.

  5. i'm feeling a badass friendship bracelet swap, a la firstmilk's v-day festivities. possibly paired with mix CDs, since i just rediscovered those muscles as well?

  6. must. have. this. bracelet.

    now, where to find a friend that is willing to spend that much money on me... hmmm. that could prove to be difficult.

  7. man alive. who knew you could make bank on some friendship bracelets?

  8. i think i would like to learn more about metal casting. i think i would like a ton of these bracelets. i think i like lauren's idea of a swap.