Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wedding invitation by David Shrigley (I wish)

Deep down, this is what we would like our invitation to look like. Seriously. David Shrigley is an icon around our house. (Peonies, why are you Scots so effing cool?)

It might be a hair too casual/psychotic for a wedding invitation. But there will be an influence, people.

(Image by David Shrigley, courtesy of smooth noodle maps)


  1. I think 'psychotic' is exactly the tone a wedding invitation should have!

    Scots do have a very unique (twisted) sense of humour. I love it.

    David Shrigley's brilliant, I heard him speak at a tiny lecture at art school. He's a genius.

    Thisis my favourite, it completely cracks me up.

  2. Do something like this for your Save The Dates. It's a excuse to do something weird and cool and creative.

  3. Too late, Meg. We went practical/green and did the save-the-date via email. But our wedding website has a creative/silly edge!

  4. this just made me laugh out loud. ha!

  5. I've just been to David's own wedding, a few little Shrigley twists in there!

  6. @Anonymous OMG. SHRIGLEY WEDDING. I'll bear a child and give it to you if there's any chance you could send a few details my way...