Friday, May 23, 2008

Groom Style: F* the belt

I've been obsessing about a belt for FH. All of the dress belts I've looked at are too fussy or too bulky. But I just came across this excellent piece of advice:

GQ's Style Guy says: I never wear a belt with a suit. I don’t have belt loops. My trousers are held up by adjustable side tabs, which provide a reasonable amount of adjustment to allow for seasonal feasting and fasting. A good tailor can probably replace your belt loops with side tabs for a nominal fee, or remove your belt loops and install buttons for suspenders.


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  1. I'm mixed on suspenders. Some dudes can definitely pull them off. I think I'll have side tabs put on FH's suit pants so he can go clean and minimal ;)

  2. My husband only wears suit pants with adjusters. He works for a company in London where it is commonplace to have these said adjusters. No suspenders needed. It is a much cleaner look. No need to match a belt to your shoes.

  3. Right on! I wish I could put adjusters on all my jeans :P