Wednesday, May 28, 2008

F* the wedding industry

I'm already planning the wardrobe for my road trip honeymoon!

(Okay, yes, planning the wardrobe. But I'm a clever shopper, people.)

Via A Practical Wedding.


  1. Me too. But the more time I have to shop for thw wardrobe the better deals I'll get.

    Also? Our isn't even a road trip. eeekkk... but we got frequent flyer miles as a wedding gift, and we couldn't pass that up, could we?

  2. I wish guilt could be banned from wedding planning. Guilt about what you're spending $$ on. Guilt about what you're NOT spending $$ on...

    So spill it! Where are you going??

  3. We're thinking... Morocco! I figure with a free flight we should go as far as we can!

  4. Morocco sounds exotic + romantic! Also isn't that an economical place to travel right now? We had been thinking Barcelona, but it's really not the time to go.