Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bad bad bride

You guys, I'm trying to plan a green wedding. We did a save-the-date website instead of mailing paper. We're serving my uncle's grass-fed beef and local organic vegetables. Picking wildflowers to arrange in recycled glass bottles for the centerpieces.

But last week I officially fell out of love with my dress. It was an $80 sample I found at Meg, my favorite dress shop, and it was perfect for the spontaneous Vegas wedding I wanted to be prepared for. (Can you prepare for spontaneity? There's my first problem.) But it just didn't fit the bohemian forest wedding we're planning now.

Yesterday I bought a new dress. It's by indie designers from the east side (hooray!) and it's f*n fabulous.

I have to confess, though, I'm racked with guilt about the waste (and the money I've spent). One Meg dress, two pairs of pink shoes (that will no way in hell go with the new get-up), one pair of vintage fuchsia earrings. I've decided to donate the unworn dress here. That feels better than just plunking it on ebay. I have to decide whether to ebay the shoes. I don't wear much pink, it turns out.

(Images courtesy of John Michael Cooper)


  1. Good for you! I actually purchased my dress at a Brides Against Breast Cancer Event, and was incredibly impressed my the organization. Thanks for making a conscious decision to do the ethical thing. We need more consciously ethical decisions (and people) in this world!

  2. I own a pair of pink heels, and while not at all a pink kind of girl, I have still found many (work-related, even!) opportunities to wear them. They look particularly kickass with a black skirt and black tights... so given the former wedding heels another chance!

  3. ali&heron, you are too late, sadly. I just sent em off to my ebay buyer with a little pang of regret. But I do feel purged having them out of my closet...

  4. Where did you get your new dress? I live in Silverlake and am just dipping my feet tentatively in the wedding planning rabbit hole before jumping in. I'd love to know what east side indie designer is offering up fabulous dresses.

  5. The new dress came from Josh and He Yang:
    4015 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90029
    (323) 953-1701‎

    *Not* a bridal shop. Some of the stuff is pretty out there (read: nouveau hippie) but some of it is gorgeous.