Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dream wedding shoes (again)

Sent my intrepid bridesman to the Sigerson Morrison warehouse sale today to hunt down my new wedding shoes. My dream wedding shoes. (Note: not shoes pictured.)

Of course my shoes are not on sale. So I must ask myself, how much is too much to spend on DREAM wedding shoes? I'm only planning on doing this once, people.

(Image courtesy of Sigerson Morrison)


  1. Damn, it's always the ones that you are in love with that aren't on sale.

    Think about this time next year and whether you'd be missing the money if you spend it now, or if you'll have forgotten all about it. If they're not expensive enough to dent your finances for the next year then buy them!

  2. ps, are they the ones you emailed me?!

  3. Sigh. I've asked myself this very same question every day since I clapped eyes on those lilac colored patent Ferragamo peep toes. I'm somehow able to convince myself (especially after a couple glasses of wine) that $500 is totally reasonable for dream shoes. Unfortunately the fiance thinks otherwise. My new question is... since our finances aren't officially linked yet, would buying them anyways be sneaky... or smart?

  4. In my opinion, if your finances are not yet linked, it is your money to blow. But it is a strange feeling to suddenly be spending for two. (Your first mistake was telling him how much they cost! Sometimes men don't want to know these things.)

  5. If asking my opinion,If you really like the shoes then buy it,anyways your wedding only happened once,as long as your contented and happy with your shoes it's your dream shoes,just forget the price...

    I,m taking a journey also to find perfect shoes for my wedding,and I make a blog about it...