Friday, April 18, 2008

Groom Style: The Sartorialist

Kathryn (my lady over at Snippet & Ink) urged me to do a Sartorialist post. I especially dig the rocker chic vibe in the last pic...

But will you please make everybody take off their sunglasses for wedding photos? Off their faces and off their heads! That drives me bonkers, even in the candids.

(Images courtesy of The Sartorialist)


  1. I bookmarked the second picture. I think I would like it better in black though. I tend to like everything better in black.

  2. That's a great one. I love the pink shirt, too, with the matching kerchief just peeking out of the breast pocket :)

  3. "Lady" might be an overstatement, but thanks! :) I LOVE GROOM STYLE!