Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bensimon sneakers

Fabulous French sneakers via Style Bite. Online at Jumelle.

I'll take 'em in orange, please.

(Image courtesy of Style Bite)


  1. pretty and simple shoes

  2. East Side Bride,
    The Bensimon Girls have created a site for you to get info from! Bensimons are available in several places in the U.S. Check out for updates, where to buy, how to wear, wash, and our favorite fans! Glad you like them and guess what, there is a burnt orange coming this October, and another bright orange for Spring! Hope you find many others to love!
    xoxo, the bensimon girls.

  3. Hi Nomi,
    What size Bensimon do you wear?
    We just got an amazing color range in for spring and want to gift some to you!!!
    the bensimon girls

  4. My favorite place to buy bensimons is Basic French. Here's the link:

  5. Love these sneakers - have two pairs, one in black and one in grey/charcoal. I live in Toronto and the only store which sold them, no longer carries them!! I am quickly wearing through them, and would love to know if you know of any places in Toronto which may carry my coveted sneaker!

    Thank you