Thursday, April 17, 2008

Groom Style: Brooks Brothers

You guys, I won't post pics from J. Crew. I'm just not gonna do it.

But for a more conservative groom, what about a BrooksCool suit from Brooks Brothers? Made from a patented lightweight fabric (hence the dorky name) and priced from $398-598.

(Images courtesy of Brooks Brothers)


  1. Dang, all groosmen styles still look the same to me. But I am coming along slowly with your posts. Keep them coming. Maybe you could do some tutorial posts for idiots like me.

  2. This was for you :o What kind of look is your FH going for? (And are you allowed to help...?)

  3. Oh we aren't even close to that stage yet. Remember how I am not even engaged? Yeah, I am planning on scouting out a bunch of different looks and trying to understand what I like so I can encourage him in finding what he likes.

    I can tell you he is uber traditional, he doesn't like anything edge so definitely something classic for him.

  4. Wait, isn't your blog called That Bride? ;)